Are you ready to call in your Twin Flame--your divinely matched beloved to create a love-based legacy?

You are a leader who is not meant to be doing it alone, or be with random lovers who come in and out only to distract you.

You need someone special who inspires you and who brings out the best in you.

We at Twin Flames International specialize in calling in your Twin Flame in 6 months or less, so you can build a sustainable love-based legacy.

Our mission is to unite 144,000 Twin Flames so they can fulfill their soul missions that heal the Earth.

You’re called to be here by no mistake if you:

  • Are a smart conscious single seeking a sustainable, sexy, and soul-based partnership
  • Require love that expands your soul purpose, supporting your mission to greater heights
  • Desire ecstatic sex--a Sacred Union that keeps getting better and better all the time!
  • Wish to start a conscious family based on enlightened soul commitments, not old karmic patterns

Beloved, it's time to manifest a love story that's divinely written for you...

If you choose not to blow away hundreds of hours on online dating, only to end up single and empty-handed...

We’re here to help you call him or her in at light speed.


Who Works With The Twin Flame Matchmakers?


We serve conscious single women and men who don’t have time for online dating--the headaches and heartaches. You want a smart and sacred strategy to finding love.

Those who work with us want more than just success in life... They crave deep divine connection and expression of their sacred self in everything they do. That’s why working with traditional dating coaches, online platforms, and matchmakers doesn’t work for them.

Those who don’t work well with us are people who play the waiting game, who procrastinate their purpose, who don’t want to look at their “stuff,” or who make excuses. But we know that’s not you at all, so thank you for being here!

Are you ready to take the next step into your Sacred Union?

Ladies, step into the Temple of Twin Flame Love and get started here.

Gents, enter the Temple of Twin Flame Love and get started here.


With Love,

jack and amanda


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